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NFT Invaderz are Game-Fi digital assets on the Cardano Blockchain.

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P2E & De-Fi Gaming

NFT Invaderz

NFT INVADERZ is an infinite runner P2E arcade game on the Cardano blockchain in which you fly your spaceship through space, shooting Invaderz and dodging obstacles.

This game will test your reflexes and provide a challenging, addictive, competitive, and action-packed gaming experience.

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StarDust ($DUST)

StarDust is the official currency of the NFT Invaderz ecosystem. $DUST can be used to redeem rewards and buy merchandise, special edition NFTs, and in-game items. NFT Invader holders can earn $DUST by playing games.

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NFT Invaderz - Collections

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10k Invaderz are coming soon…

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NFT Invaderz are artfully created programmatically generated sprites.

Invaderz are first hand-drawn and designed based on the extraterrestrials in the classic arcade game SPACE INVADERS (1978) by Tomohiro Nishikado.

They come with a variety of backgrounds, accessories and colours. We have spent many hours on the design and concept to deliver something unique to the Cardano NFT community.


1,320 ships

nft defenderz ship
nft defenderz ship
nft defenderz ship
nft defenderz ship
nft defenderz ship
nft defenderz ship

POLICY ID: b59e91a4f77f06d0369f67441517a7e048b5f098ffc8497ab2487b6c


Play-to-Earn Gaming

CryptoRaggies X NFT Invaderz

Available on PC/Mac browser and Android mobile!
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What is RaggieRun?

RaggieRun is a casual game created under the CryptoRaggies brand. They where the first NFT-enabled game with a working wallet connection launched on the Cardano blockchain.

The "infinite runner" genre may sound simple, but they have created additional complexity and challenge for RaggieRun players by integrating NFT traits into the game as superpowers. We have also implemented a procedurally generated random dungeon and a boss fight at this early stage of the game's development to create a varied and engaging gaming experience for all!
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Do you have $DUST (Stardust) tokens or Pixendo Spaceship NFTs? If you do, you may be able to take advantage of this special in-game collaboration we have with NFT Invaderz! Play RaggieRun with at least 5300 $DUST or 1 Pixendo Spaceship in order to participate and win prizes from the dedicated NFT Invaderz weekly leaderboard!


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Co-Founder / Lead Developer / Plutus Pioneer
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Michael AKA LordCommander
Artist / Co-Founder / Co-Developer
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Steve W₳lsh
Community Outreach

Our Partners

We strongly believe in long-term, sustainable collaborations that benefit the Cardano community. Therefore, we have selected projects to partner with that have mutual values to create connections that benefit everyone.

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